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7 Ways to Take Care of Yourself as a Business Owner

Being a business owner is rewarding in so many ways, but can also demand a lot from you. We're here to remind you that being a boss woman doesn't mean you don't get breaks too. Here's our tips on how you can take care of yourself between all of your business tasks:

Self-Care is Unique to You

When we say self-care, the first thing that comes to mind for most are face-masks, bubble baths, and something with skincare practices - and if that's what you enjoy then go for it! But we want to emphasize that when we say prioritize self-care it's more about doing what you love.

It’s different for everyone, for some people it is face masks and skincare, for others it’s dancing, playing with your kid & pets, taking a class, or reading a book. It can be ANYTHING as long as it's something that lights you up, relaxes you, and makes you feel refreshed at the end of it. I recently had a client tell me that something she loves & is relaxing to her is cleaning… I can't relate but you go sis! It truly is up to every person to determine what their self-care routine might look like because at the end of the day we are all different and that's what makes us so special!

Let's Get Physical!

Exercise is good for the mind, body, and soul! You don’t need to go overboard and push yourself to your limits every day (unless that's what makes you feel refreshed), but getting up and getting moving could make such a big difference for your mental & physical health. Exercise could be as little as walking for 20 minutes at your own pace, no matter how slow that may be - it's just about moving! Taking breaks to exercise will also help with your productivity and often inspires new ideas because it allows your brain to take a break and allows you to release stress.

It's All About Balance

Similar to any schedule planning that you do for your business, you should also be planning for your breaks. Carve out hours where you are productive & set aside hours where you are gonna relax. Balance between the two will help to reduce feeling overwhelmed, increase overall enjoyment about life & work, and will help you to be more efficient during the work blocks. Burnout is real as a business owner and that is why work-life balance is SO key to a sustainable business.

It's Okay to Take a Break!

Give yourself a break - you don’t need to work 24/7 365! This tip relates to our last tip about work-life balance. Breaks help you be productive for so much longer because you allow yourself to recharge and get refreshed instead of operating on burnout mode. Everyone deserves a break, and that includes you Boss Women! We are all humans and we all need time to enjoy the fruits of our labor. Schedule in vacations, time off, or even daily escapes - no one is going to judge! It will also showcase to your employees (& potential employees) that you are building a healthy work environment for yourself, which they will see as a huge benefit when looking into working together.

Journal it Out

We might not all be writers, but this one doesn't require crazy writing skills. This tip is about Journaling and how beneficial it could be for you! When we say journal, it doesn’t have to be an essay, just write down what comes to mind (even if it's random words, thoughts, or phrases.) It's a place to vent too! If you're frustrated or stuck, journaling helps to sort through things by letting you write down and release what's stuck in your head. What's amazing about journaling is you can revisit what you wrote down and there might just be a nugget of inspiration that came through out of random words or phrases! Some of my best ideas have come from a good journaling sesh!

Get Help if You Want Help

We know we talk a lot about feeling good and prioritizing it but sometimes we need a little more help to get there. If the first step to living a truly happy life is seeking out a little more help, we're here for it! We absolutely know & respect the power of therapy! A topic that many people talk about, but have so many different perspectives on. We believe that if you feel like it would help you, go for it! For some, therapy works wonders and provides them a safe space to talk to someone and vent. For others therapy is a space for them to continue their work on themselves and consult a professional about how they might take that next step. If therapy is something you feel like would help you to take care of yourself don't be afraid to give it a shot!

Be Easy on Yourself

Our last tip is to just be easy on yourself! Everything is great in moderation and that applies to you as a business owner. If you feel like analyzing your business every day is consuming you, set healthy & maintainable checkpoints so that you still are in touch with what's going on without it stealing your joy. You boss women take on a lot of tasks that many people don't have to deal with and it sometimes can be a lot of pressure - give yourself grace, and remind yourself how great you're doing with a moment of reflection!

With February coming up, aka the month of love, we challenge you to prioritize your self-love and self-care as a business owner. These practices can definitely help you to build a healthy, sustainable work-life environment for yourself. You are amazing Boss Women & you deserve to treat yourself with self-care!

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