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Recap 2022 with These 5 Trending Audios

YOU DID IT - You made it through another year! It's time to take a look back at 2022 and all the amazing things that happened! We've got 5 trending Instagram reel audios to help you recap it all.

For the Photo Queens

This audio is for you if you loved taking pictures throughout the year to document all your favorite memories!

For the Vibey Boss Babes

This is the perfect audio for those who like to close out a season (or year) strong with a goodbye narration!

For the Hype Boss Women

If you love showing a carousel of images and videos to a great dance track or DJ remix, this audio is the one for you!

For the Grateful Girls

This cute audio is perfect for those who want to look back and thank 2022 for bringing good vibes, energy, and memories into their life!

For the Sentimental Entrepreneur

This is our pick for those of you who love taking those 1 second videos throughout the year. It's perfectly timed to showcase your whole year in 11 seconds!

We're so excited to see which audios you use to sum up your 2022. Here's to the end of another chapter, and the (soon to be) start of a new one! Tag us in your captions if you use one of the audios we suggested - we would love to see your recaps!

If you have questions about how to take your business to the next level in the new year email to set up a consultation!


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