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Top 5 Esthetician
Web Designs in 2023

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Why Do You Need A Website As An Esthetician?

Due to its many advantages, having a website is essential for any esthetician to succeed. A website showcasing an esthetician's offerings, including treatment plans and online booking and e-commerce options, is an effective way for them to be found online. It acts as a digital portfolio, fostering trust and confidence in prospective customers while offering a centralized platform for showcasing knowledge and interacting with the general public. A website is an essential tool for estheticians to grow their businesses and draw in new clients in the current digital era. The best 5 esthetician websites of 2023, as chosen by Crystaylor Creative, are shown here. We hope that browsing these websites will give you ideas for building a strong online identity for your esthetician business.

1. Beauty By Jess


Beauty by Jess, an esteemed esthetician business based in Hawai'i, presents a splendid online platform that showcases an array of exceptional beauty services. Crafted with great attention to detail, the website exudes a captivating and elegant design that beautifully reflects the essence of beauty and rejuvenation. Vibrant colors, stylish fonts, and exquisite visuals combine to create an immersive and enchanting atmosphere for visitors to indulge in. The seamless user experience takes center stage, offering effortless navigation and unhindered exploration of the business's wide range of beauty treatments and solutions. Thoughtfully organized menus and thoughtfully curated sections empower users to effortlessly discover their desired services, specialized treatments, or unique beauty solutions they seek. Beauty by Jess's website stands as a remarkable example of a meticulously designed online presence within the esthetician industry.

2. The Pretty Iris


The Pretty Iris offers an extensive range of exceptional skincare services to clients. Crystaylor Creative has artfully designed the website, presenting a captivating and visually appealing layout that perfectly embodies the essence of beauty and wellness. With a harmonious color scheme, elegant typography, and stunning visuals, the website creates a serene and inviting atmosphere for visitors to indulge in. User experience is paramount, ensuring seamless navigation and effortless exploration of the esthetician's comprehensive offerings. Well-organized menus and thoughtfully categorized sections empower users to effortlessly discover their desired skincare treatments, personalized services, or high-quality beauty products. The website of The Pretty Iris serves as a prime example of a meticulously designed online presence within the esthetician industry, reflecting the business's commitment to excellence and enhancing natural beauty.

3. KR Beauty


KR Beauty exemplifies a strategic and thoughtful approach to imagery in their website design, highlighting their acute awareness of its significance. The brand exhibits meticulous selection and curation of visuals, resulting in a captivating and visually enticing experience for visitors. Each photograph and visual element on the website is thoughtfully chosen to align with KR Beauty's brand identity and evoke the desired emotions. The imagery showcased depicts the transformative and rejuvenating experiences that clients can expect when engaging with KR Beauty's services. Every photograph narrates a story, conveying the essence of beauty, confidence, and self-care that clients can attain through KR Beauty's expertise. By featuring high-quality images captured by professionals, the website establishes trust and credibility, assuring visitors of the exceptional service they can expect. Prospective clients can envision themselves experiencing the soothing ambiance and indulging in personalized treatments, immersing themselves in the world of KR Beauty's aesthetic solutions. The imagery serves as a potent tool in inspiring and connecting with potential clients, enabling them to visualize the possibilities and imagine their own radiant transformation at the hands of KR Beauty.

4. Spa By The Square


Spa by the Square has gained recognition for its expertise in providing exceptional esthetic services and experiences. Led by knowledgeable and talented professionals, Spa by the Square offers a sanctuary of creativity and rejuvenation where clients can indulge in transformative esthetic experiences. With years of experience in the industry, Spa by the Square has developed a profound understanding of client desires and aspirations. Their website serves as a platform to showcase their exceptional esthetic services and demonstrate their commitment to creating personalized and extraordinary experiences. Spa by the Square's expert team has the ability to bring out the best in their clients and create a lasting sense of confidence. Through their website, Spa by the Square effectively communicates their dedication to excellence and establishes themselves as a trusted brand for creating transformative and unforgettable esthetic experiences.

5. Vivant Aesthetics


The website of Vivant Aesthetics goes beyond showcasing stunning visuals and captivating descriptions of its services. It creates an immersive experience that allows visitors to envision their own personalized aesthetic journeys. The careful selection of fonts achieves a perfect balance between sophistication and readability, reflecting Vivant Aesthetics' unique aesthetic and identity. The website maintains a consistent design throughout all its pages, establishing a sense of cohesiveness and professionalism. Every element is meticulously placed, ensuring that the layout is visually appealing and easy to navigate. From the inviting homepage to the informative sections highlighting various treatments and skincare regimens, visitors are seamlessly guided through the website, discovering the diverse range of services and experiences offered by Vivant Aesthetics.

These five outstanding esthetician websites serve as superb illustrations of how crucial it is for companies in the esthetician sector to have a strong online presence. Through attractive imagery, engrossing descriptions of treatments, and detailed information, these websites engage visitors and highlight the esthetician's competence and dedication to provide outstanding cosmetic services. A better user experience is made possible by the user-friendly interface, practical online booking choices, and instructive blog content. These websites serve as effective marketing platforms that help these excellent estheticians grow their clientele, bring in fresh business, and reach a wider audience. These experts have effectively positioned themselves as leaders in a crowded field by utilizing the possibilities of well-designed website layouts, leaving a lasting impression on potential customers, and establishing their image as top-tier estheticians.

Crysta Taylor

Why Choose Crystaylor Creative

It's my passion and my purpose to help others successfully live a life they love and thrive doing it. I adore helping other business owners build beautiful websites. You're already killing it! My job's just to to assist you in creating a cohesive brand + clarifying your message so your customers can have the best experience from start to finish.

Let's get real, your website gives a major first impression and I want that first impression to be simplistic + enticing for your customer-to-be. Aesthetic, of course, but also efficient to find whatever it is they might be looking for. I genuinely care about my clients and their brands! I'll help with clarifying your brands mission in a way that sticks with your customers.


Although, I do my best to make it the best damn design I can, I totally understand that I can't always read your mind perfectly--bummer lol--so I go through a draft process to give you the opportunity to request any changes you desire before we set anything in stone. My main priority is having my clients feel good about the experience all around & see results. I hope to build a beautiful website for your business!

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