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5 Tips for Your Content Creation Shoot: Commerce Based Business Edition

As a commerce business, we know that you have a lot of products to feature and capture content for. Starting off the new year, means you'll need new content for all the exciting things ahead. We've got the tips to help to make your next content creation shoot as easy as possible!

  1. Think About Your Theme

Think of how this collection/your product is unique from other products you have and play into that with the theme of the shoot from location to outfits to the type of models casted. Creating different themes for each shoot will help to diversify the content you can use across your website, social, email, and branded collateral. Plus themes are a great way to help you focus in on one vibe and will help you to avoid feeling overwhelmed when planning!

Featuring: Those Seen Dancing

2. Who to Shoot

This tip is about your models! Consider hiring professional models, they know what they're doing & that helps to make the shoot much more efficient. If your budget allows, professional models are a great way to get easy & professional looking content. You'll be able to focus on making sure your products are featured properly without having to worry about directing the model as much.

Featuring: Nymar Studio

3. Dare to be Diverse

Diversity & inclusion is key! Show models of all shapes, sizes, and ethnicities to help attract more of a diverse audience to your brand. It's 2023, we all want to see someone we can relate to.

Featuring: Grow Babe HI

4. Coordinate Your Outfits

Let's talk outfits! Make sure that the outfits you plan for the shoot match the vibe & colors of your brand or the theme of the shoot. It's a good idea to send outfit inspo to your models so they can have a better idea of what you want and arrive prepared on the day of the shoot. Remember that the small details matter too! Accessories, shoes, and jewelry can really be a nice touch. Get creative with your outfits & don't be afraid to be BOLD!

Featuring: 4Fourty-Four Shop

5. Make Sure Your Models are Ready to go!

Making sure your models are ready to go on the day of the shoot will help to save you time & will help you capture the best content possible! Let your models know about grooming tips or expectations for the shoot & remind them when the shoot gets closer. For example, if they're modeling jewelry, it would be great to suggest having their nails done or at least clean with no chipped nail polish & cut nicely. If it's a bikini shoot and you would like the clean, groomed look let them know to come hair-free!

Featuring: Ocean Creations (left & middle), Rhea Bikini (right)

Bonus Tip: Find Content Mini Sessions

Creating content for a commerce business can be overwhelming, especially if you are commerce business with a lot of products and releases. We're here to let you know that you don't have to do it alone! Many photographers offer "mini sessions" that are short, 30-minute shoots for an affordable price. This is perfect for getting a good amount of images of new products without having to plan the theme, and coordinate the date and time.These sessions are also great for team or owner photos! These organized sessions will help you to capture content without the stress of planning. Just a reminder though, since they are shorter sessions remember to stick to 1-2 outfits max for you or your models! Changing takes time so weigh if the outfit change will be beneficial!

If you're looking for content minis we will be hosting Crystaylor 2023 Boss Babe Content Minis throughout the year. Each will be a different theme and will have 1-2 different sets! Our first mini will be January 29th at Aloha Paradise Studio in Ewa Beach. We will have 5 time slots available: 2pm, 2:40pm, 3:20pm, 4pm, 4:40pm - if you are interested email or DM @crystaylor.creative with your full name, email address, and top 3 time slots in order of preference.

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