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9 Things You Can Do With Your New Logo

You just got your new logo and now you're wondering what comes next? Your logo will be your introduction to the community and will need to get the recognition it deserves! Here's our suggestions on what you can do with your new logo and how to build awareness around it!

Out With the Old in With the New

If you had a previous logo, it's time to retire her! Our first suggestion is to swap out your old logo for your new one. That means doing a brand audit and finding EVERYWHERE you currently have your logo placed & then making the swap. Updating your logo is a great best practice to keep your business updated and relevant--plus it gives a clear image of your business to others. This tip will also help you to figure out where you might need to add a logo too!

Merch Madness

One of the best ways to get your logo out there is to wear it and share it! Add your logo to new merchandise items so more eyes will see if & associate you with it! If you want to sell your new merch, go for it--otherwise, just having branded pieces that you can rock will help get your logo out there and also help people to associate the new logo with you! You can also think about stationery items like stickers, journals, pens, and notepads that might compliment your business as well!

Featuring: Tereva (@terevainvests)

Wrap it up!

Along the lines of merchandise and stationery, your packaging is something awesome to add your logo to. Whether it's boxes, packing tape, wrapping paper, ribbon, or shopping bags - adding a logo to these can make a huge impact for your brand since people will have the chance to make that visual association while they enjoy the excitement of opening up their package from you!

Featuring: 4Fourty-Four

Let's Get Down to Business (Collateral)!

Adding your logo to your business collateral is also a great place to brand your business. This might include any flyers, pamphlets, brochures, business cards, or handouts that you provide to your customers. When they look through these pieces you want them to know who it belongs to and immediately associate the logo on the front with you as a business!

Featuring: The Wellnest Health

Product Placement

Brand your products and even services if possible! Our client Hydraloha did a great job of branding their services by sticking their logo right to the IV Bags that they're going to be serving their clients with! Anything that you sell or your clients might use/see during a service should have your logo & brand infused in it!

Featuring: Hydraloha

Give me a Sign!

Any signage you create should definitely include your new logo! Your signage is an introduction to your client community and sometimes it might be your first introduction to new clients.

Featuring: OC Store Ka Makana

You've got mail!

By mail, we mean e-mail!Your email signature is the quickest and easiest place to put your new logo. Sometimes, email is the primary form of communication between brands and their clients so your email signature is a great way to showcase your brand & help drill in the association between you & your logo. Having a branded email signature will also help to give you an extra level of professionalism & trustworthiness.

Make it Insta-Official

We're here to talk all things digital! First off, social media. It's time to update your social media profile! Consider adding your new logo to your Instagram profile picture or story highlight covers and give yourself a branded profile. Additionally, you can stick them onto your posts & reels as well! If you are a service provider, some of your social media posts might feature your unique work so adding your logo to those posts will also help to brand your work & prevent plagiarism!

Website Goals

Next up, your website! Add your new logo to your website and show her off! Having your logo on your website is like having a logo on a digital business card. People go to your website to get to know your brand and learn more about what you can add to their lives so having your new logo is crucial.

Let's Build a Sticker Collection

One way to add fun while using your logos are stickers! People love decorating their personal items with stickers & your logo could be one of those that they collect. Stickers are also a fun, cost efficient way to create printed collateral because you can order them in bulk and hand them out to all your clients & customers!

Featuring: Belle De Jour

Branding doesn't have to be complicated and with a new logo it should be exciting. We hope that our tips make it easier & help to inspire you to experiment with your logo. We're so excited to see what you do with your new logos!

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