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What to Expect During a Brand Mission Discovery Call

Updated: Feb 22

Yay we’re having a Brand Mission Discovery Call–first off you might be thinking ‘What is a Brand Mission Discovery Call?’ These calls were designed to help you get super clear on your brand's mission so that we can communicate what that is--not only on your website but for you to use on all of your marketing across the board.

Building a Storybrand

We base these calls on the SB7 Framework outlined in the epic book “Building a Storybrand” by Donald Miller. We love how simply this book goes over how we can best market to our clients in a way that they’ll actually listen to. We highly recommend reading it to all business owners…ever. If you do feel gung ho about reading it, feel free to read it before our call so you come in with a clearer vision. Otherwise, we got you!

How can you Become a Guide in Your Clients Lives?

One of the main points of the book that we implement for all of our clients is positioning you & your business as a guide in your customer (the hero’s) story. Our clients care less about how awesome we are as a brand and more about how we can help their life be better so through this meeting we’re going to try to get clear on how we can communicate that to them.

What's the Problem?

We will start by talking about how your products or services help their life on the face value level. Think about what problem your client has that you can fix for them! This part should be easy for you since you probably know what awesome qualities your services and products hold.

How can you Help From the Inside Out?

Next we’ll get into how it will help solve their internal problems–we will help you brainstorm what this may be but you can start by thinking about what insecurities your clients may have that your brand or services can help them overcome.

Guiding Your Clients to Thrive

From here, we’ll look for ways your business can position itself as a guide helping them to overcome their problems so that they can thrive.

Your Business Process Should be as Easy as 1,2,3

After we get through that big stuff we’ll go into your business’s process as far as how it works on a client facing end–we’ll break the process up into steps and simplify it so it serves to make your client feel in control when it comes working with you rather than overwhelmed.

The Success of Working with You vs. The Consequence of Not

The last portion we'll go over together is what wonderful things will happen if they do pull the trigger & work with you or purchase from you vs. any negatives of deciding not to do business with you.

Communication is Key

Once we have all of this we will brainstorm together on simple ways we can communicate this, call them to action, and then we will use all of this newfound information to build you the clearest, most effective website possible. Plus, we’ll highlight our findings in an email so you can have a consistent message & mission across all your marketing efforts!

All of these topics will help to take your brand to the next level & will help your clients to understand your role in their lives better.

If you are interested in a brand discovery call or want a consultation please feel free to email !


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