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What You Need to Make a Website for a Women-Owned Business in 4 Simple Categories

Updated: Feb 22

Congrats boss babe! You've built your business, started on the social media presence, and now it's time to build your website.


Your website will be one your greatest assets when it comes to building trustworthiness with your customers, providing a professional appearance as a brand, and selling your products/services. These are the things that will help your female-founded business reach its full potential.


Many people focus on their social media presence to build brand awareness & develop customer bases, but your website will be where you close deals. So having a great website will help to provide extra information & motivation that your customers are looking for before they purchase. But I'm sure many of you have wondered, what do I need to make my website and how do I start?


Luckily for you, we've made a simple checklist that will help you to get started (p.s. - we send out the full versions of our helpful resources to our email list first - so join the club if you'd like to get first dibs!)

We've divided up what you need for your website into 4 simple categories:

  1. Business Information

  2. Website Basics

  3. Content

  4. Branding

Each category contains key tasks that'll help you to gather everything to make your website AMAZING! Make sure to save this checklist so you can reference it while you build your website!

*Clicking on this checklist allows you to download and save it

Want more details about this checklist and tips on each task? Just join our email list club & a copy will be sent your way!

Keep killing it, Boss Woman!


Crystaylor Team


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