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3 Beautiful Med Spa Websites for Your Design Inspo

Creating your Med Spa website doesn't have to be difficult! Designing can be fun when you've got website inspo to help. We've compiled 3 of our favorite Med Spa websites to help give you some design inspo for your next website.

LocoCoco Aesthetix

LocoCoco's website is one of our faves because it's a great example of a Med Spa that displays a lot of information with an emphasis on minimalism. Her color palette of black, white, and blue created a balanced vibe with a pop of color. Additionally, the images used on the website also deliver a concise visual story of her brand.

Rejuve Aesthetics & Wellness

Our second pick is Rejuve Aesthetics & Wellness! This brand's website definitely reflects their motto of "look good & feel good" through their use of color combos, creative shapes, graphics, and their photos. Their use of graphic elements helps to keep you engaged while also helping you to understand what services, products, etc. the words describe. They broke down their service offerings into categories and dedicated a page to each category instead of having a really long service page. This is a great way to provide digestible information for Med Spas that offer a lot of services. Rejuve also uses a well timed lightbox (a pop up that offers something to the viewer after they have scrolled on the website for a period of time) that features their financing options.

The Wellnest

Last but certainly not least, we wanted to showcase The Wellnest's website. Beauty is what they provide and that definitely applies to their website too. With a minimalist theme & bold titles their clean & simple website grabs your attention without doing too much. This website doesn't have the navigation menu displayed, but uses a pop-out menu on the side which helps to keep the header area clean.

That wraps up 3 of our Med Spa Website favorites to help you get started with some inspo for your next website. If you're looking for help with your brand or your next website makeover feel free to email and we can chat about how we can help you to build the website of your dreams!

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