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5 Reasons Your Website is So Important to Your Business

Updated: Feb 22

As a business owner you've got a million things to do to get your business up and running, and creating a website is one of them. But why is creating your website so important? Here's our 5 reasons why:

1. Give a professional impression

Yes it’s true your future client/customer may find you on instagram but no matter how poppin’ your instagram feed may be when they click on your website in your bio it will either completely sell them and make them trust you as a business or create a layer of distrust if it’s done unprofessionally–or worse doesn’t exist.

2. Communicate your offering clearly & concisely

Social media is a wonderful place and a super powerful tool for business, however, it just gets clients interested but it doesn’t close the deal. While we love when our clients have a clear brand mission and communicate that through their instagram, your website has the ability to guide your clients through how you can help their life in a clear, concise, and impactful way rather than it being scattered through 10 different posts in the past month. Having a client click on your website is a big deal for them, they’re actually taking the time to engage and learn more so your website, if done well, can communicate and essentially help to sell your client your service or product.

3. Give an easy way to do business with you

Clients & customers can lose interest fast so giving them a simple and professional way to do business with you whether that be having a site where they can purchase your product or a site where they can schedule a service or consultation wit you--this, will help them stay engaged with your brand.

4. Saves you major time

Your website allows you to explain what your business offers and how your clients or customers can work with you or purchase your products plain and simple. This saves you a ton of time since they are able to find answers for themselves rather than having to ask you a bunch of questions because there are no resources for them. Btw, they'll only ask questions IF they are dedicated enough to working with you to even ask, most times you may be losing out on clients because they don’t know, couldn’t find the answer, and just decided to move on.

5. It's your chance to set yourself apart

Millions of businesses exist which means competition exists. This does not mean that your business can’t be successful but it does mean that you will need to differentiate yourself and make your brand stand out to your ideal customers so they choose to do business with you rather than your competitor. Your website gives you a space to talk about why your business will serve them better and why you can help solve their problems better than the next gal.

Your website will be your one stop for all potential buyers or clients to get what they need before purchasing so it is SUPER important to have a website you are proud of. For some, creating your website will be easy, but for others it may be a challenge - and that's where we can come in and help! We've created a whole blog post on what you need in order to create a new website to get you started.

But, if you would like to take website design off your plate completely so you can focus on other business tasks - schedule a consultation with us and we can chat with you about how we can help you!


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