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5 Tips for Your Content Creation Shoot: Service Based Business Edition

Are you a service-based business getting ready to shoot some new content? We've got our top 5 tips to get you ready and help to make the most of your content creation session!

1. Fake the services

Our first tip will help you to maximize your time & amount of useable content. Since we only have a short period of time to capture content our first tip is to fake the services during our content creation shoot. This will help to save time while showing just what you need for photos. This is especially nice for services could be uncomfortable so there's no pain face in your content. This means prior to your shoot you should do the actual services so that you are ready to roll on your content creation day!

Featuring: The Wellnest Health

2. Get models who fit your brands mission

Our next tip is about your models! You know the saying, "a photo is worth a thousand words"-- well that is definitely true. Who you pick to visually represent your brand will say a lot about who you are without you having to say anything. For example, if you're a brand who has a mission to make everyone feel confident and included, then pick a diverse set of models so that people can see that everyone is welcomed and empowered! Something about people being able to see themselves represented in the brand and seeing models who are similar to them helps to make that connection.

Featuring: Rejuve Aesthetics & Wellness

3. Clean & tidy space

Tip #3: Keep things clean! A clean and tidy space is not only important for your potential clients to see on a hygiene level, but it will help to make your content less cluttered and will direct their focus to what's most important, your services. This also allows us to have the space we need to move around and get the best angles.

Featuring: The Pretty Iris

4. Dress up

We all love to play dress up and your content creation session is perfect for that! What you wear is also key to representing the vibe of your brand. That said, make sure that you (and your models) wear things that make you feel the most confident and like yourself while sticking to your brand guidelines! On top of the outfits, consider coordinating hair and makeup! The camera tends to wash out minimal to no makeup so adding a little extra for your content day will help you to get the best results for your content.

If you need tips on what to wear and hair & makeup for your content creation session we've included 5 tips in this blog post.

Featured: Hair by Cyd

5. After shots

Last, but certainly not least we suggest getting those after shots! These shots are less about the actual service, but how it will make your clients feel in their life after coming to you. It's important that your clients can envision how they will feel from before, during, and after! We wouldn't ever finish out a story without an ending, and these shots are to give your potential clients an ending to what their journey with you might look like!

Featuring: HiLites Salon (left & right), The Wellnest Health (middle)

Let's Wrap it up!

As a service based business, your potential clients will want to be able to see themselves in the people that you showcase receiving your services. We hope that these 5 tips will make your life easier & help to prepare you for your next content creation session. If you're ever curious about our content creation sessions for service-based businesses feel free to email or schedule a consultation on

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