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5 Tips for What to Wear for Your Brand Content Creation Photoshoot

Updated: Feb 22

You've got a brand content creation photoshoot coming up and you've got no idea what to wear?? We know that feeling, but don't worry we've got you! Our tips will take the styling stress out of your upcoming photoshoot!

1. Be You! We know your thoughts go straight to a black blazer to give you that professional I’m in charge look but let us challenge you that although in some instances a blazer can be amazing why not make it unique? Let’s be real you don’t need a black blazer to be a boss and how often do you really wear one? Our suggestion is to wear a fab outfit you feel ultra confident & YOU in—it’ll translate & feel more relatable to your clients plus you get to showcase your unique style. Really attached to the blazer vibe? You could try a different color to make your shoot stand out too–or if you truly have a black blazer that you’re obsessed with–do you girl, we’re sure you’ll rock it!

Julie of JV Salon rocking blazers the right way & Haelee of Ocean Creations showing us how to be a boss in our own style!

2. Colors? Think about your brand! Remember that these photos are typically going on your website & will be used on your social media channels so maybe incorporate some of your branding colors into your outfit! Our client Julie of Bubbles & Zest did a gorgeous job of this rocking a beautiful, fun yellow dress that totally reflects the vibe of her business!

Neutrals neutrals neutrals! You want your outfit to fit the vibe of your brand but we all know neutrals match everything…think—white, beige, brown, grey, or black. These tone’s will allow you to look ultra professional & for a little more interest feel free to add in some textures–think woven, denim, linen & more. Cydnee of Hair by Cyd totally killed this tip!

3. Make it Fit — Anytime you’re in front of the camera you want to make sure you feel as confident as possible. Something we recommend is finding pieces that fit you well—although the super loose flowey clothes can be a total vibe in person, sometimes in photos they tend to make you look really shape-less because you can’t tell where your body ends and the fabric begins. Finding pieces that compliment your shape & accentuate your favorite features is always a win! We love how Juliet of First Look Hawaii styled her outfit for our website shoot!

4. Accessorize!—Cute jewelry, hats, & other accessories tend to bring an outfit from good to amazing. Accessories give an outfit that sense of completion & intention. This is another great way to showcase your style & give that sense of authority to your photos. Summer of Simply Summer Hawaii always accessorizes beauitfully!

5. Hair & Makeup: Having your hair & makeup professionally done for a content creation photoshoot is always a good idea in our opinion! Having your hair & makeup done tends to give you a boost of confidence after sitting in the chair feeling pampered by your artist. We highly recommend looking at different makeup artists on insta and finding someone’s whos work you love the look of for the best results

Pro-tip: For some reason the camera tends to wipe off 50% of your makeup so be confident in wearing more makeup than usual as this will allow it to actually show up in your photos! Personally I wear little to no makeup day to day but I remember one of my first photoshoots I spent time doing my makeup how I’d wear it usually and then in photos it looked like I had absolutely nothing on…I learned that day.

Here are some of our favorite makeup artists we work with if you want a good place to start:

Face Art Beauty @faceartbeauty

Luxx by Lynnelle @luxxbylynnelle

FaithyXO & Hair by Donny @faithyxomakeup @hairbydonny

We hope these tips make prepping for your brand content creation photoshoot easier! If you ever have questions about our brand content creation photoshoot packages email ! Be yourself and have fun creating!


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