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Updated: Feb 22


Flowers are beautiful, no one can deny that one of the most attractive things about floristry is the product itself, and their presentation is such a visual art. This is your time to shine! Flaunt your designs! It's important to have gorgeous photos of your work that reflect your brand and the type of projects you'd like to attract.

Hire a professional photographer that can capture images of your work clearly and professionally. You could stage events or come up with a creative shoot for this purpose.

For the pictures, create designs you've dreamt of creating for your clients in the future. Not everyone can visualize what they want so this is your chance to show them what you can do!

If you're lookin--We offer great in-house photography service packages to suit your brand and get this off the ground!


Creating a logo is a great way to start. You could DIY with platforms such as CANVA or hire a graphic designer if you need some help coming up with this important signature for your business that makes it instantly identifiable among the rest.

Although having a logo is a great first step, after this you will need to pick out a color scheme. We suggest three to six colors that blend well together and can be used on your website, across your social media platforms and on all other branding things - this helps your overall brand feel cohesive and give the customer an experience. Let those creative juices flow or don't be afraid to hire a professional to achieve the best result.


Figure out what message about what you do, that you want to share - what are your floral designs really for? Sure, every wedding has flowers but what do you want your clients to feel with YOUR designs? We love our girl Katie from Belle De Jour who used the line "Let's Bring Your Wildest Floral Dreams to Fruition" suggesting there is no limit to what can be created. Coming up with something simple, unique but effective is key.


Do you design weddings, baby showers and other events? Show and tell people here. If you have a starting investment on your service designs making sure to note that here so that people know what to expect. Don't sell yourself short! Plus--putting a starting price out there will help lessen the amount of time spent on emails with people who don't have the budget for your services.


Offer people in your local area the chance to buy arrangements and other floral designs for other special occasions in their or their loved ones lives!


Like most industries there are tons of talented floral designers, so this is your space to share what about yourself makes you special. What sets you apart? It's also a great opportunity to introduce yourself on a personal note, potentially revealing the face behind your beautiful creations. See a great example of how this has been done on Belle de Jour's about page.


Last but not least, a place where potential clients who are obviously interested in what you do can get in touch to tell you about their unique floral needs that may be outside the products and services that you have specifically listed. This gives you the opportunity to expand and partcipate in projects outside the "norm" but that you'd have a blast with!

Congrats on making moves on your new site! Can't wait for you to go live!

Interested in booking a website design consultation? Get in touch with us today!


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