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You Need to Prioritize Your Hair Salon Website Design

Updated: Feb 22

Why A Website Is So Important For Your Hair Salons

Almost every beauty salon business needs some sort of web presence to thrive. While word-of-mouth marketing strategies may have helped some salons stay open in the past, they simply aren't enough anymore to help your salon perform at its best. After all, to truly excel, it's vital for your salon locations to have easy booking methods, a portfolio of your stylists' work, and a user friendly website design.

Hands down, one of the best ways to help your salon succeed and reach its maximum potential is by revamping your hair salon website. At Crystaylor Creative, we've come up with eight reasons prioritizing website design can set up your salon for success.

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1. Free Advertisement

Access to a reliable and functional website and social media account is a wise way to attract customers and advertise your current salon hours, location, and specials. Think of your hair salon website as a free way to get these sorts of advertisements to anyone who clicks on your web page.

By simply visiting your salon's website, customers can easily learn about the salon services offered and your salon locations, promoting your brand without ever physically contacting them.

2. Enhanced Booking Ability

Arguably one of the most valuable assets of having a website for your hair salon is the ability for clients to book services online.

With online scheduling, you can book up your calendars without any of the hassle of calling clients and deciding on dates. Website visitors can simply book on appointment online with your website's online booking system. With a good hair salon website design, your calendar will automatically remove dates and sync to your app-based calendar so your schedule is accurate and updated with every new appointment you book.

3. Share Your Gorgeous Work

Instagram, Facebook, and other social media services are great ways to showcase your favorite hairstyles, colors, and cuts. However, keeping a portfolio on your website is an even better way for clients to view all of your work in one comprehensive spot.

If you have multiple hairstylists at your salon, you can even create different tabs with their names to showcase their work so clients can choose which stylist they might prefer for their own hair color or cut.

4. Pull In More Clientele

If you want success, then a hair salon website helps you get there by drawing in more clients. In current times, almost everyone owns a smartphone, and they use it to shop and find the services they need nearby. If you do not have an online presence, your salon is missing out on an entire range of customers.

Say, for example, some searches for "hair salons near me." If you do not have a website, you're missing out on a potential customer. On the other hand, if you have a website and online presence, you may pop up from their search query. With good website design, clients remain impressed and consider you as an option for their next appointment, leaving you with a new potential customer after every website visit. This is why search engine optimization is so important for hair salon websites, since more salon clients will be able to find your hair salon.

hi lites salon inc website design

*HiLites Salon Web Design by Crystaylor Creative*

5. Utilize Your Site as a Storefront

To maximize your salon website, make sure to include a storefront. With a storefront, you'll have the opportunity to list your products and services in a clean and efficient manner.

Storefronts allow customers to purchase various items typically carried in your brick-and-mortar salon. For example, you can list things like shampoos, conditioners, leave-in treatments, hair mousse, styling gels, hair brushes, combs, and accessories. In addition, you may even want to offer clients maintenance products that help with root touch up when they're between hair color sessions.

6. Build Trust With Customers

When a business doesn't have an online presence, it makes many customers skeptical of its legitimacy. Without a working website and reputation, some customers may be hesitant to follow through with booking services.

When you have a website, it lets clients know you are a legitimate place with real salon workers who want to serve clients to the best of their ability. Featuring photographs, services, and your salon logo on your website can even help potential customers feel more connected to your brand. This way, you appeal to all audiences instead of making them feel skeptical.

7. Share Limited Time Deals

Almost every coupon nowadays it's digital. Have your salon follow suit by letting customers know about specific discounts and offers via a specials tab on your web page.

Your website is such an easy place to let customers know when you're offering deals on specific services, potential packages, and limited-time deals for occasions and holidays. Keeping your website up to date with current offers and discounts is one of the best ways to ensure customers keep coming back for more. They'll get special discounts, and in turn, you'll have happy clients that continue to bring in lots of business for the hair salon.

8. Allow Customer Reviews

The final perk of having a website for your hair salon is letting customers provide their positive feedback and experiences. After receiving a service, encourage your clients to leave their feedback on your hair salon website.

Whether your customers enjoyed the demeanor of a specific salon worker, appreciated a job well done, or extremely enjoy your hair services, it's vital that customers share their experiences. This way, when past customers say they enjoyed their appointments, it allows new customers to consider booking you for these services in hopes they'll receive a similar positive experience.

Choose Expert Web Design Builders

When you need a website for your hair salon, don't trust amateurs. Instead, choose an expert team who can give you the best hair salon web design. At Crystaylor Creative, we guarantee every part of your website features all of the necessary tabs, branding, logos, web pages, aesthetics, and photos. Whether it be a one page website, or multi-page website, Crystaylor Creative is sure to create the best hair salon websites in your industry. By working with us, you'll enjoy a premier website that soars above the competitors.

Contact Crystaylor Creative today at for high-end hair salon web design and other creative web design services.

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