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A Full Guide to How Boss Women Content Minis Work

Have you been wanting to do a shoot for your brand, but have felt overwhelmed trying to plan it? Well, we've got just the thing for you!

Introducing the Crystaylor Boss Women Content Minis! We are kicking off the year with a series of minis throughout the year that will help you and your business capture the content you need to feature you, your products, and even your teams!

Why Minis?

We know you're busy with your businesses and we want to make content creation easier for you in 2023! These minis are made to be 30 minute sessions to help you capture great sets of content for your business throughout the year so that you have fresh, useable content for your social media posts, website, and branding materials. We plan the themes, the sets, and all the shoot details and you just worry about showing up and feeling cute!

How can I make the most out of my mini session?

We will have 1-2 sets per mini session and you are allowed to bring whatever outfit makes you feel the most confident to shoot in! Since these are shorter sessions we want to help you make them super efficient. If you're a fast changer you can do up to 2 outfits, but just remember that changing outfits will take up a little bit of your 30 minutes so keep that in mind.

Arrive on time (maybe even 5 minutes early for your slot)! Being on time and ready to go when your slot starts will give you the full 30 minutes to work with. If you have models, make sure to coordinate a time with them that will allow them to get there on time too! Just remember that since we have other boss women coming for their time slots we won't be able to extend your time even if you're late.

Have fun with it! We want these mini sessions to be productive, but also creative & fun. We want to take the stress out of content creating by letting you just focus on your brand and being present at your shoot.

When are they happening?

Our first Boss Babe Content Mini session is happening on January 29, 2023 at Aloha Paradise Studio in Ewa Beach! We have 5 time slots available: 2pm, 2:40pm, 3:20pm, 4pm, 4:40pm - they are first come first serve so reserve your spot ASAP!

As for the sessions later in the year, we will announce and post about them when they get closer!

What are the themes for the January 29th shoot?

We've got two amazing shoot vibes/sets for you, coming up in January. The first shoot vibe is called "Setting Intentions" -- with the new year starting we wanted to bring you a set that was all about a fresh start, manifesting your dreams for this year, taking care of yourself and your business while finding balance throughout everything, and starting the year off with the right vibes.

Our second shoot vibe is all about Valentine's Day! We know businesses need Valentine's Day content for February so we've got a set designed with love in mind. Whether you and your business are trying to promote romantic love, self-love, or love in general we want to empower you to channel that through this set. We will bring all the festive love vibes to this set!

All you have to do is pick out outfit(s) that you love! We included in our mood boards a couple of outfit ideas that we think would fit the vibes well, but feel free to get creative with it and put your own twist on it. Feel free to check out this blog post on ideas of what to wear to your brand content shoot.

How can I book?

To book, email or DM us at @crystaylor.creative on Instagram. In the message please include your full name, email address, and top 3 time slots in order of preference.The Crystaylor Creative team will then send you an invoice for one of your requested time slots. Your booking is secured once you pay the invoice and then we will let you know which time slot you got!

Got questions?

Feel free to email or DM us at @crystaylor.creative on Instagram.

We hope that content creation in 2023 will be one less stressor for you and your business! We can't wait to create with all of you!

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